He walks in, puts his apple on the edge of the counter, says hello, and walks into the stall. When he sees the water moving, he hesitates because in this moment he understands that I was just there. He doesn’t want to offend me by going to the other stall, but he’s uncomfortable with the idea of using this one immediately after someone else did, and that person happens to be still there. The strange thing, though, is that there is no evidence of any kind: no visual evidence and no smell. It’s traceless.

I reassure him by saying, in a jolly manner, that it is perfectly clean because I just wiped the seat with a damp paper towel (as I always do before and after). As I’m walking out I add, in an even jollier tone: “and there’s no smell either; imagine that!”

This is the shortest post I’ve ever published. I will, in the future, publish a detailed explanation of every aspect of what this means and implies. But I want the main point to be utterly clear:

Your stools should be of perfect texture: not hard and dry, not soft and sticky; they should come out easily and without effort: no pushing, no squeezing and no waiting around; they should have a light smell that diffuses in a matter of seconds after flushing; and they should not require much wiping: once or twice at the most, and ideally no wiping at all, something that can be seen from a clean paper after the first wipe.

When your stools are like this every time or almost every time you go to the bathroom, you know that the digestive system is clean and is working well. This is foundational for optimal health. And I mean: without this, there can be no optimal health.


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