Don’t you want to be lean, energetic, strong, and resilient; to have great concentration, memory, and stamina?  Don’t you want to have smooth and glowing skin, bright eyes and strong white teeth?  Don’t you want to live long, happy and productive, looking remarkably young for your age, have no aches and pains, never catch a cold or a flu, and never have to worry about metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or arthritis?  Don’t you want to be and feel at your very best, all the time and in all respects: physiologically, metabolically, intellectually and emotionally?

Is there such a thing as perfect health?  What does it mean to be in perfect health and can we achieve this?  What are the essential elements of health?  What should we eat, what should we not eat, and how much should we eat?  What should we drink, what should we not drink, and how much should we drink?  Can we quantify healthiness? How long can we live?  What defines and controls ageing?  What do we need to do in order to function at our very best throughout a long and fulfilling life?

The purpose of this blog is to explore questions like these, and find answers based on understanding our biology, physiology, and biochemistry.

Illness—from the simple cold to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease—does not happen by chance and does not happen all of a sudden.  The conditions that allow illness to take form and take hold, set in and develop gradually over years and decades, slowly and steadily, from the very beginning of our most tender infancy.  But comparable conditions in different people can and do manifest into illness and disease in a variety of different ways.

The body is water and food.  It continuously builds, repairs, and rebuilds itself from what we eat and drink.  Everything about the state of health of the body depends intimately on what we eat and drink.  Every sip of liquid we take and every single piece of food we eat determine and define the internal environment of the body.  And it is this environment that is the ground on which every life-sustaining cellular process takes place.  Everything we ingest is of the utmost importance because it defines and redefines anew, in that very moment, our state of health or disease.

The truth is that from what we have to this day understood about physiology and biochemistry, virology and bacteriology, immunology and endocrinology, we can live free of heart disease and stroke; free of obesity, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease; free of cancer, arthritis and multiple sclerosis; and free of the vast majority of ailments that afflict us in most of the world today.  And this, completely naturally, without medication or chemicals of any kind.

This is what this blog is about.  It is about absolutely perfect health achieved and maintained absolutely and perfectly naturally.