First high-carb-low-fat day after 8 years on a low-carb-high-fat diet

A little taste of what’s to come from the results of my experiment with continuous glucose monitoring: this roller coaster ride is what most people experience every day. What was on the menu: melon, raspberries, watermelon, (nap), coconut water, tomato salad, fresh corn, a little ‘financier aux pistaches’, and finally, popcorn to finish off the day. Can you guess when I ate? Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 14.43.43

7 thoughts on “First high-carb-low-fat day after 8 years on a low-carb-high-fat diet

  1. why don´t you mix it with protein? Raw cottage chesse would be my first and best option. I thinks it would be more balance. I don´t see any greens either.


  2. Dr Robert Morse has his diabetic patients on an all fruit diet with very little insulin spikes. His has most of his patients reversing their diabetes. Perhaps you should do a study on just fruit. The corn and popcorn would be the issue.


    • Dr. Morse is a quack – “Fruits’ magnetic (electrical) energy is the highest of all foods, making them superior brain and nerve foods.” I would like to see that study, I’m sure it was conducted double-blind and in complete adherence to the scientific method LOL

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  3. Would you happen to be willing to post your continuous glucose readout from an average day on keto? It would be telling to see the contrast.



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