Dear Guillaume, just before the new year I put two search terms into google: arthritis and magnesium. Google showed me your article “arthritis 1” and it had such compelling advice that I ended up reading all of your blogs on this site and implementing all of it in my life. Some major changes for me, to be sure! But what I had been doing for 60 years was no longer working for me and I was facing more and more episodes of debilitating knee pain. Arthritis runs in my family so I figure, whatever my relatives are doing isn’t good and I need to do an about face, so I am! I cut all carbs out and ordered a case of native forest organic coconut milk (super delicious) Doc Broc;s greens (surprisingly not bad), magnesium, salicic acid drops, vitamin B patches. I have been doing it all and am already getting encouraging results! I also take UC II and some other common supplements, such as probiotics and vitamin C. I have been a lacto ovo vegetarian for 40 years, so I am not eating any meat. I am eating some beans, but not too much. I eat eggs and raw cheese. I just ordered some New World raw whey which I think will be good for protein. The whole high fat diet I am eating now turns the USDA food pyramid on its head! Because good fat is so satisfying, hunger has not been a problem and I have already lost 5 pounds. Losing weight is important for my knees. I am excited so far by how good I am feeling and how easy it is to eat this way. It takes motivation, not will power. Thanks for such a well researched and helpful website! I will update you in a few more months. I am in it for the long haul.

Hi Guillaume, some follow up to my first post: I am already (after 5 weeks on this protocol) having immense relief of my arthritis pain!! I am so much less stiff. This is truly amazing to me as arthritis runs rampant through my family with hip and knee replacements galore. I am also losing weight at about a pound a week and have tons of energy. Here is my question: I am taking many ionic or liquid minerals. Magnesium, silicic acid, and boron. Can I put all the drops in the same glass of water together and drink it while taking the rest of my supplements? I do this after I eat a substantial meal. Are some things better taken on an empty stomach? Thanks for all you help!

Hi Guillaume, just checking in again, a year later, to let you know that I continue to make progress with my arthritis! I have continued with the virgin coconut milk smoothies and green drink every day. I also take magnesium, boron, zinc, selenium (not calcium) and iodine, turmeric, sea salt (and other vitamins, including b12) and continue to see improvement in spite of my increasing age (63) and the fact that I am still about 30 pounds overweight. My arthritis problem is my knees and I am extremely motivated to avoid joint replacement surgery! I truly believe that with the right diet, supplements and exercise, my body can rejuvenate itself. So far, so good! In the meantime, I am experiencing other benefits, including improved sleep! I am pain free 98% of the time and use no pain killers al all. Thank you for all your help!

Hi Guillaume! I just became a patron! You have been my guiding light in reversing my arthritis and I can’t thank you enough! No doctor that I know could have helped me back from the degenerative road I was on to pain free walking and biking, not to mention shopping, stairs and all the other activities of life we take for granted. And probably I found you just in time before irreparable damage occurred! Thank you for the personal advice to take DaVinci Labs A-D3-K2. It was key and the improvement just keeps on happening!

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