Dear Guillaume,

This is the long awaited testimonial. I thought I would have some time to write something before today but I couldn’t. Indeed, I started to consider following your recommendations in 2012 as we were colleagues and friends. Before that I knew your strong opinions on food but I was skeptical. My diet was quite “balanced” according to the standard meaning of “balance” and I was exercising regularly. My diet was apparently not impacting my health. At this time, I thought that eating a little bit of everything was making some kind of damage control.

But I started to have some doubts when reading some articles about sugar and fat. I got a lot of cavities since my childhood and I started to question my diet. Additionally, members of my family got high bad cholesterol levels despite they have a “balanced” diet and they exercise.

Finally, I decided to follow your recommendations at least partly and got very surprised by the results. Before that, I always got some hypoglycemia about 2h after a breakfast and was not able to skip any meal. Cutting the starch and sugar solved the hypoglycemia problem completely. This was really impressive. I was even able to do sport in the morning without any breakfast.

Convinced by the efficiency of the diet, I started to take the recommendations more seriously. I am close to follow the integrality of them now I think even if I am not very orthodox in my practice. I feel that I am much less attracted by sugar than before. My cholesterol levels are fine and I don’t gain weight even when I can’t exercise too much.
That being said, I noticed also that I have to be careful if I don’t want to drift back to eat more carbohydrates. It is easy to control during summer as I need less energy. In winter, this is much more difficult. I feel I need a little bit more of products containing “wheat” because if I want to get all my energy intake from fat, I get disgusted by the food. But I can always come back to fat after a while …

These days I could read in a French newspaper that the sugar industry did some intense lobbying in the US in order to prevent any regulation from Health agencies. This sounds like a confirmation that it is not natural to eat some much of it and I think that this idea of replacing carbohydrates by fat is gaining some momentum.

So, I would like to thank you for having opened my eyes and for the very good advice.


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