Hi Guillaume,

My heatlh problems started many years ago during my studies (I am 46 now). I got chronic inflammation of the colon and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (autoimmune illness). I had severe pain in my stomach, loss of weight and energy, and insomnia. With intensive medicines I somehow got the disease under control and learned to live with it over the years.

About 2 years ago things worsened, though, as if my immune system itself launched a full attack on my body. I got psoriasis and itchy skin, I started to get Thyroid problems (Hashimoto), and worst of all, my joints started swelling. On a nice sunny weekend we went to the mountains, and my left knee started to hurt. I almost did not make it to the bottom; my family had to help me walk down. The next day, my left was twice the size of the right knee. I got diagnosed with arthritis, which was so severe that I could hardly walk. Arthritis was by that time one of 4 autoimmune deseases I was diagnosed with, but it was the one that most impacted the quality of my life: no sports, no hiking, no energy, and a lot of pain. First reaction was to plan more drugs… there are bio drugs, quite expensive and supposedly very efficient. Luckily I got advice from my dear neighbour Boštjan, a long time fan of yours, to start reading your blog and to become a patron. I finally understood that unless I dealt with the root cause of my illnesses I would never get well.

Most valuable was your advise on the lectin-avoidance diet to heal the gut. The key to success with the diet is to stick with it long term. Hard to achieve when you crave the foods that you enjoyed for so long… Your explanations during one on one video sessions about why a very low carbohydrate and lectin-free diet works to heal the body helped me over the rough times. I think you simply need to understand the reasons and the foundational biochemistry and physiology in order to be able to stick to it. Invaluable were also our sessions related to the results of my blood tests. They made me realise which supplements are key to suppress inflammation and to improve my health. Since these recommendations were personally tailored, they were priceless.

Not to be too long… I am much better now. Not only has my arthritis has greatly improved, also all my other autoimmune diseases are almost gone. I have just returned from our annual summer family holiday where I happily surfed in strong winds. I also skied in winter, and I regularly play tennis and hike again in the mountains. Lately, since the diseases have improved so much, I am no longer that concerned with healing, and have started to focus on longevity! I am fasting daily now and keep getting better at it. Hopefully this will keep me young into old age :)

My sincere thanks for all your advice. Your blogs are an inspiration. Please keep writing and improving peoples’ lives, you certainly improved mine.

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