Très cher Guillaume, you changed my life! I never thought I would heal, yet as you remember, I was willing to do anything to heal, including giving up yogourt, cheese and granola. 😭 You have been so patient, so incredibly consistent and thorough, so supportive and helpful, and I am a transformed person, a strong, healthy person, thanks to you and your unwavering guidance. You’ve done the entire world a favour by sharing your extensive research and knowledge, and I hope more people like me are fed up and stubborn enough to take their declining health by the horns and follow your strict, logical, and age-reversing advice. Even my family physician follows your lead. You’re a nutrition guru! I’ll be continuing to learn, and I’m so grateful you jumped in wholeheartedly to help me heal my myriad symptoms. Stress is truly a silent killer. My cognitive skills are back, I feel strong, I sleep like a bear, and I look younger now than I did 10, even 20 years ago. Less trauma and inflammation in the body, more balance and radiance. This is not a gift available on any shelf or spa; the gift of knowledge and discipline, the gift of vitality and longevity, the gift of a vibrant life. Merci beaucoup + big hugs.

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