Hi Guillaume,

Before I met you, and before I read through your blog and material, this was my general understanding regarding weight control and health:

  • You can eat anything you’d like, in moderation.
  • If you want to be lean, you need to exercise as much as possible to burn the excess calories.

The result of the above misguided view was an average of 2h per day at the gym, almost every day, either running, training judo or weights. My life was dominated by the requirement of these two hours per day to burn the excess calories, which I would consume again afterwards, recklessly, to kick-start the next cycle. Only a visit to the gym would regulate my moods and would make me feel happy, accomplished, worthy. It was crazy, unsustainable.
As I started ageing, and acquiring responsibilities (work, family, social), I found it increasingly difficult to comply with my ridiculous requirement, which lead to frustration and fatty tissue covering my waist line. I was never quite happy with my physique and now it seemed that I was destined to have dad bod.

Then I met you. I understood that our bodies are an ecosystem of cells that add to form systems that interact and communicate in complex ways, everything being regulated through hormones. I saw for myself how proper nutrition can optimise the workings of our body and reverse the effects of long term exposure to bad nutrition. I reached the conclusion that for a garden to be beautiful, healthy, proper nutrition needs to be supplied and I truly learnt the meaning of proper nutrition.

Following your advise I now enjoy these benefits:

  • I am lean, having dropped from 82kg to a sustained 69kg (175cm).
  • I am muscular, with the physique I always wanted (six pack), just working out 2-3h per week.
  • I don’t have mood swings, I have a more constant even mood, free from stress and anxiety.
  • My senses are acute, specifically my hearing, taste and smell feel heightened.
  • My ability to concentrate on a task has improved dramatically, I am now more productive per unit of time.
  • I require less sleep and I sleep deeply, without periodic visits to the toilet. Usually 6 hours are more than enough, when before I needed 8 and I would still feel drained when I woke up.
  • I don’t feel as hungry, I don’t have crashes or cold sweat when I have gone a while without food. I can go for long periods of time without food (the longest has been 48h).
  • My skin, hair, nails look healthier, and the white of my eyes is proper white, accentuating my gaze (I have been complemented on this).

I accept the advise of your blog as my lifestyle and I live a happier more enjoyable life. I feel my body, at the risk of sounding eccentric, I actually feel like I inhabit in a body, and I take full responsibility in maintaining it.

Thank you! keep the good work!

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