Dear Guillaume,

Ever since I stumbled upon your blog site, it’s been my Number One Resource site on health-and-wellbeing matters (including your Bibliography section). I greatly respect your dedication, and I trust your advice 100% because it’s obvious that you have researched every topic thoroughly. Your passion for healthy living and proper diet/nutrition is contagious. You are a Purist – and I mean that in the best possible denotation and with my utmost admiration! I would like to implement all your recommendations in our diet at home, and we are trying, but it’s not so easy with the leafy green’s: Kale, Dandelion, Swiss Chard (haven’t been able to find a recipe to make them any less unappealing…) Spinach is where the line is drawn – it’s tolerable once a week, but no family favourite. And to eliminate our daily espresso coffee would require extra will power… So no great success to report in the “Testimonials” section, but we’re deliberately making an effort. However, the importance of your blog site is indisputable!

Guillaume, you have a distinct talent to write and make all these complicated health and diet/nutrition matters easy to understand. I would whole-heartedly encourage you to collect all your blog’s essays/articles and get them published in a book, so that more people could benefit. Your colleague Astrophysicist Paul Jaminet (with his wife Shou-Ching Jaminet, a molecular biologist) have published “Perfect Health Diet”, a 425 page book which I just got.

Thank you for your dedication, and I’m looking forward to your next post!
Toni (Ontario, Canada)

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