Guillaume and I are colleagues. We do not work on the same project but in the same work place (ESAC) and, apart from occasional “Hellos” on random encounters in the corridor or on the way to the cantine, we never communicated much for years and I did not care much for his views about health and nutrition. This changed drastically about 1 1/2 years ago. At the time I was weighting 105 kg (at 1.91m), was feeling sluggish and drained of energy and decided to do something about it. I started doing regular exercises and running and was wondering what else could be done to loose weight and get a leaner body. I started reading Guillaume’s blog and was instantly fascinated by the clarity of the articles and, being a scientist myself, by the rigorous scientific style and way of presenting facts. I started following his advises, cutting out ALL sugars and starchy carbohydrates from my diet, drinking much more water, supplementing, etc. The effect was dramatic: Over the course of 3-4 months I lost 20 kg of fat and felt for myself the effects that Guillaume had predicted and described I would feel: More agility and flexibly, more energy, better stamina, better concentration, less fatigue and much more. I loved feeling like this, and still do now! In the first testimonial above the author writes “I am in it for the long haul” and the same is certainly true for me as well!

For all who read this now and feel encouraged to change their diet also, I would like to add the following: Please be realistic from the start and try not to fool yourself. Realise that to follow all advises and tips requires effort and a lot of self-discipline. That is one thing. The other is that we do not live isolated on our own but we are social beings with colleagues, families and friends who do not share these beliefs or may even oppose them totally. Something people have done for decades (eating starchy foods) is not given up easily especially if they keep hearing from all sides (doctors, magazines, TV, Internet, etc) that there is nothing wrong with it. Guillaume, I am sure you are fully aware of this circumstance – perhaps something you may want to comment on in a future blog. Of course this has nothing to with nutrition itself but I am convinced it is THE major obstacle that most people trying to follow your advice, your roadmap to optimal health, are facing.

I like to believe I have transformed my body into a healhier state and I am certainly planning to continue doing so. I am extremely grateful to Guillaume for all his help and insight he has given me so far. When I talk to others about my experience and (new) beliefs on proper nutrition I often encounter dismissive reactions and scepticism, and understandably so. If you read these lines and have this tendency I can only say: Just try it! You have nothing to loose. If it does not work for you, you will have lost nothing in the process, and can simply go back to what you were eating and drinking. But if you do start to feel a difference, you will have the proof, as I do now.

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